ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCER with motorized balancing cycle activation system, specifically conceived for heavy and over-sized truck, bus and, using specific optional accessories, van wheels.

Equipped with built-in pneumatic lift, pneumatic shaft braking and locking device, TECO 93 features a manual data entry system of spin parameters. Supplied complete with wheels for easy shifting inside the working bay.


  • Built-in pneumatic lift

Built-in pneumatic lift having maximum capacity of 200 Kg (440 lbs) to quickly position the wheel on the wheel balancer shaft without any operator effort. Complete with safety bar for operator protection and easy handling procedure.

  • Working Enviroments

2 different working environments: «TRUCK», for heavy and over-sized truck wheels, and «CAR», for car and light commercial vehicle wheels.


Rim Diameter T: 12”-28” | C: 8”-20”
Rim Width T: 4”-20” | C: 1,5”-16”
Max Wheel Diameter
1320 mm (52”)
Max Wheel Weight 200 Kg (440 lbs)
Shaft Diameter 46 mm (1,8″)
Balancing Speed T: 80 rpm | C: 120 rpm
Balancing Precision
T: ±10 gr (±0,4 oz) | C: ±1 gr (±0,05 oz)
Cycle Time
T: 16 sec | C: 6 sec
Working Pressure
8-12 Bar (116-174 psi)
Power Supply 110/240V 1ph
Net Weight
135 Kg (295 lbs)
T = Truck | C = Car