TECO 670

TECO 670

ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCER with display and electronic shaft locking system, conceived for car, van and, using specific optional accessories, motorcycle wheels having maximum weight of 75 Kg (165 lbs) with machine installed on floor.

TECO 670 is equipped with new internal digital gauge for automatic data entry system of distance and rim diameter with automatic selection of balancing programs and automatic search of the balancing position.

The machine is supplied complete with motorized balancing cycle to be activated lowering down the wheel guard and with 7 ALU programs dedicated to alloy rim, including 2 ALU P «Precision» programs. Available also in version without the wheel cover and in version L «LASER & LIGHT» with laser line system and rim illuminator.


  • Version «Laser & Light»

Version complete with Laser line system and rim illuminator (factory installed). If ALU programs are selected, the Laser line assists the operator during adhesive weight positioning at 6 o’clock.

  • Auto selecting Digital gauge

New digital sensor with automatic selection of balancing programs during internal gauge positioning on rim profile and automatic acquisition of wheel distance and rim diameter parameters (max diameter readable with internal gauge 28”, manually settable 35”).

  • Width Parameter Entry System

Automatic estimation program of the wheel width based on a statistical analysis of parameters read by the internal gauge. Available on demand the new external sonar sensor KIT TS to automatically store the wheel width parameter.

Max. Rim Diameter 28″ (manually settable 35″)
Rim Width 1,5″-20″
Max Wheel Weight 75 Kg (165 lbs)
Shaft Diameter
40 mm (1,6″)
Distance Machine-Rim
275 mm (11″)
Balancing Speed 90-130 rpm
Balancing Precision ± 1 gr (± 0,05 oz)
Cycle Time 7 sec
Power Supply 1ph/50-60Hz
100-115V or 200-230V
Net Weight
75 Kg (165 lbs)