Automatic tyre changer, ideal to be used in professional repair shops and tyre shops, conceived to mount and demount car and light commercial vehicle wheels.
The product can be also customized with air reserve tank and inflating nozzles for tubeless tyre inflation (t.i. version) and with a 2-speed self-centering turntable (2 speed version)

  • 2 way rotation turntable clamping system which employs unique rod geometry to ensure constant and even clamping power throughout all rim diameters
  • Vertical post equipped with conic bushes to recover clearances, which could appear after an intensive use of the machine
  • Tool head complete with plastic protection inserts for alloy rims
  • Single acting bead breaker cylinder
  • Body ideal to be coupled with the patented pneumatic device UPH and BPS, auxiliary system available on demand to mount and demount particularly tough or low profi le tyres such as «Run-Flat»
Clamping capacity 10″ – 23″
External Clamping 10”-20”
Internal Clamping 13”-23”
Max. Wheel Diameter 1.000 mm (39,5″)
Max. Wheel Width 320 mm (12,5″)
Bead Breaker Force
2.800 Kgf (6.175 lbf)
Turntable Speed 8 rpm (8-15 rpm 2sp)
Working Pressure
8-10 Bar (116-145 psi)
3-Phase EL. Motor 0,55 kW (0,75 Hp)
1-Phase EL. Motor 0,75 kW (1,0 Hp)
Net Weight
205 Kg (450 lbs)