Crown 3D wheel alignment has gone through a decade’s market tests, mature and trust-worthy as a choice of confidence, like the crown of the king.

As the three dimensional system leader, its precise measurement as well as outstanding quality have won crown firm trust from customers.

Crown technology, superiorly unique.


Newly Black Tech Target

  • Made of special polymeric material
  • High resistance sun-filter
  • Service life up to ten years.
  • Suitable for difficult working conditions.

Image Stabilizing System

  • Self-developed technology
  • No limit for rolling compensation, easy operation
  • Cameras shoot on targets consistently for stable and accurate reading

Hand-held Aligner

  • Built-in wifi LAN system
  • Data display synchronized with monitor
  • Identify selected model automatically
  • Remote-control each step
  • Free soft update
  • Android system all applicable

Fixed Model Aid

  • For fixed models, the program can guide the operators to achieve the best height of vehicles for alignment measurement.

Crown 3D Display System

  • Global origination
  • Authentic effect
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Controllable at any time

Two Adjustment Modes

  • Two modes of displaying the measuring and adjusting results are available in the program.

Free Rolling Compensation

  • No complex wheel compensation required for the wheel theoretic plane
  • One push only to complete the precise measurement
  • Shorter testing time

Jack Up Adjustment

  • After alignment measurement, the values can be frozen for jack up adjustment

Engine Cradle Adjust

  • Provide visual reference for simultaneous S.A.I and caster adjustment for vehicles with front sub-frames or cradles

Drive-on Camera Aid

  • The drive-on camera aid helps guide the proper parking of the vehicle to be aligned, ensuring safety and efficiency



√ Camera beam

√ Targets

√ Wheel adaptors

√ Safety Straps

√ Computer

√ Software

√ 32ln monitor

√ Printer

√ Mouse/Keyboard

√ Console

√ Column

√ Turnplates / wheel chocks

√ Steering wheel holder / Brake Pedal Depressor

√ Anti-static Needle

√ Drive-on Camera

√ Lifting control Box

√ Audio cable