FUSHENG D3 (2HP) Single Stage Air Compressor 
2 Pole TC Motor (2HP/1650W/85L)
Technical data:  
  • Motor / power: 2HP / (1650W)
  • Voltage: 240V 50Hz / 1Phase
  • Tank Capacity : 85Liter
  • Speed : 731rpm
  • No.Cylinders : 2
  • Bore Size : 65mm
  • Delivery : 229.5L/min / 8.11CFM
  • Working Pressure : 7Bar / 7kg/cm2 /140PSI
  • Max. Pressure : 8Bar / 8kg/cm2
  • Gross weight: 120 Kg


Product Features

Suction /Discharge valves
Special Swedish valve steel is used in process with precise turning & grinding, which in high temperature will have impact resistant and high stress, long service life cycle.
Cylinder head
Special design water jacket, which having big cooling surface, very good radiation effect, exhaust air temperature is low.
Piston Ring
Both compressing rings and oil control rings are under strict test, which consume very little lubricating oil, and can prevent the valve sets from accumulating the carbons, or further causing the fire.
Air Cylinder
Made of high quality cast iron. The inner is processed with precise boring and grinding to create durable and long-lasting cylinders.
Connecting Rod
Resilient and malleable iron casting processed to level the borings up to the standard, allowing the compressors to operate more smoothly and stably.
Crank Shaft
Made of high-strength forged steel and under strictly examinations. All friction areas are hardened to perform better abrasion resistance. Precisely calculated and corrected balance weight attached to ensure low vibrations in operation, safety and long service time.
Crank Case
The centering hole of each bearing is carefully leveled and all dimensions are processed at once, allowing very little error and stable quality.
Air compressor Belt Pulley
Under strict dynamic balance test to ensure the machine’s functioning smoothly.